Cleric, Heals and Destroys


STR +3 CON +3 DEX 0 INT +1 WIS +4 CHA +2

AC 18 FORT 14 REF 12 WILL 17

HP 33


E’er since I was a wee dwarf, I’ve always been different from the other dwarfs. Me tendencies to favor new approaches to old methods and traditions were frowned upon by most of society, as such, I became an outcast at 37, when society could no longer tolerate me “oddities”. Setting forth from the mountain I had called home, I was heavy of heart, but driven with a crazy desire to make change in the world ‘appen, and determined to make the most of whate’er path ‘ad been set before me. Several years down the road, amongst me wanderings, I came across a shrine near the edge of a lake. Drawing closer to make an offering so the goddess might look with benign favor upon a weary traveler, I felt something loosen within me, and a soft whispering of voices rose in the back of me mind. Bowing me head, I made an offering, and rose anew, revived and calm, all the years behind me suddenly making sense, as Sehanine ‘ad forged my path unto her purpose. Setting out from the shrine of Sehanine, I was certain in my direction; to encourage others’ goals and to seek their own destiny, to seek new ‘orizons and experiences. To be as free as a leaf in the wind, letting nothing tie ye down. To walk the path of shadows, striving to stay from the blazing light of zealous good, and utter darkness of evil. A year and a half later, I was asked to journey with a small company to take care of a problematic myth that had come to life. During that journey, I made friends with Tree, a golith warden, on a quest for an object to increase the power of martial prowess of his tribe. After dealing with the living myth, Tree and I went our separate ways. Tree later came to the small wayside shrine where I ‘ad made home for myself, with a tiny, devious Tiefling in tow. Upon meeting Tali, I was a bit skeptical of the wee firey creature, but soon came to a relative truce with her. Tree asked if I would accompany him, continuing on his quest for his tribe. Deciding it was time to seek new ‘orizons again, I agreed to go, encouraging him to follow his own destiny, besides that of his tribe’s. Following the golith warden and the tiny Tiefling, I soon found meself examining a young elven maid, to see if she sustained mortal injuries to give cause to her prone body lying in a ditch to the side of the road. Fortunately for the elf, she had not. Shortly after reviving her, the small group quickly learned that she was not a maid at all, indeed, she seemed to be of a revelry sort, enjoying her drink and partners a-plenty. And now, we travel onwards, to the shining city of Rivermoon, to find objects of power, to seek new ‘orizons, for the sake of wandering, and, as yonder elf put it, for shits and giggles.


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