The Ezurian Empire has fallen. The elves and eladrin are retreating from the world. The dwarves are besieged in their mountain strongholds. Between the last bastions of civilization lie vast tracts of uncharted wilderness, claimed by orcs, goblins, and worse. It is a dark time in the world’s history. Instead of banding together to fight the darkness, the civilized peoples are pitted against one another in petty squabbles over Ezurian artifacts, land, and resources. Many claim it is the end times… maybe they are not wrong.

Welcome to the city of RiverMoon, a small point of light flickering in the vast darkness. Neighboring kingdoms wish to bring her under their sway. The nobility are absorbed in politicking and fail to protect the common folk. Food grows scarce as refugees from outlying areas stream to the city. Poverty and sickness threaten to overwhelm from within, while great armies of darkness gather on the horizon. The city of RiverMoon needs help. She needs leadership…

She needs heroes.


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