The city of RiverMoon is the capitol, and only major city of the kingdom of RiverMoon. Straddling an old Imperial road where it bridges the River Alahn, it is a place of both tactical and strategic importance. Much of its wealth is derived from fees and taxes levied against merchants both on land and water, but the surrounding countryside is dotted with smaller fiefdoms which provide food and raw materials, such as stone and iron from the nearby Blood Mountains.

Refugees flood the city as it prepares for war, making a Tent City of the North Commons, and filling inns and hostels throughout the city proper. As the population booms, and farming ceases for the winter, food becomes scarce.

Across the River Alahn is the Necropolis, where the dead of the city are housed, and beneath which sprawl the Ezurian Catacombs, which date back to the early days of the Empire.

Magistrate Schmiff oversees many of the day-to-day operations of the city.


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