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    p. The Ezurian Empire has fallen. The elves and eladrin are retreating from the world. The dwarves are besieged in their mountain strongholds. Between the last bastions of civilization lie vast tracts of uncharted wilderness, claimed by orcs, goblins, and …

  • Ezurian Empire

    The once-great Ezurian Empire straddled nearly the hole of the known world. Its culture, technology, and magic still dominate some 150 years after its fall. Centered in the city of [[Ezuri]], the empire expanded swiftly in all directions from its …

  • Ezurian Artifacts

    While the art of creating magical items has not been lost to history in its entirety, much of the skill of the Imperial Artisans has been forgotten. Many powerful, useful, or simply unique magical items date back to the [[Ezurian Empire]], which highly …

  • Ezuri

    Once capitol city of the [[Ezurian Empire]], the calendar is counted from its founding. Its location is far to the south, and it is considered a place of ill-omen now.