Ultio Ridet la Fierna

Memoria's twin brother, Laughing Revenge


Ultio is Retaliation’s twin brother. Tall and heavily-built, he seems in many ways the polar opposite of his sister, though they share the signature extremely long tail of their family line. He has reddish skin and long black hair, as well as the distinct, curving horns of his race, and his solid black eyes give him an aura of menace that even most tieflings lack. Added to his physical size, there are few who would cross him on first meeting. Soon enough, however, most decide that his nature is belied by his looks, and that he is in fact a pleasant and jovial sort of man. He is quick with a wink and a smile, and has a weakness for win, women, and song, as they say.

A good man to have at your side in a fight, handy with both sword and wand, he is nonetheless somewhat flighty, and while his close friends will trust him, they will never rely on him. He comes and goes as he pleases with little rhyme or reason – although, more often than not, his sudden leaving is followed shortly by an angry husband or father looking for his head.

Ultio Ridet la Fierna

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