Tho-Kag "Treewatcher" Gathakinathi


Initiative: 2

STR 19 : +4 CON 18 : +4 DEX 11 : +1 INT 10 : 0 WIS 13 : +2 CHA 8 : -1

AC 22 FORT 16 REF 13 WILL 16

speed 5

passive insight 13, passive perception 13

HP 42, bloodied 21, surge value 10, healing surges 14

Acrobatics 1, Arcana 1, Athletics 11, Bluff 0, Diplomacy 0, Dungeoneering 3, Endurance 9, Heal 3, History 1, Insight 3, Intimidate 5, Nature 10, Perception 3, Religion 1, Stealth 1, Streetwise 0, Thievery 1

Standard adventurers kit, Blood cut Hide armor +1, -1 check, +4 AC when bloodied immediately spend a healing surge and gain +10 damage resist till end of next turn, Battle axe +2 prof, 1d10, versitile, Shiield of bashing +3 AC Daily: after melee hit push target 1d4,


I am Tho-Kag “Treewatcher” Gathakinathi! hailing from the mountain tribes I have been sent to find powerful ancient artifacts that will allow my tribe to rise above all others in martial prowess, uniting the goliaths! so far this has not gone well, aside from gathering some dubious friends, and odd new acquaintances I believe I have scared the locals at the town were staying at, apparently my attempts at diplomacy (who doesnt like seeing giant axes?) didnt go over so well, and with having to keep tali from burning down ever human she see’s and eli from sexing up every thing she see’s this is becoming a chore, the plus side is we get to explore interesting new places… even if they are filled with abominations against nature or creepy skeletons, but the magistrate of the town pays us, and while these humans often confuse me I realize that with the impending war there will be forces at work here that may have something of value to my people, only time will tell

Tho-Kag "Treewatcher" Gathakinathi

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