Two worlds

Seeing the line between the peasantry and the nobility

Having made a strong contribution to the city of RiverMoon, the group is called back to the offices of Magistrate Schmiff, who thanks them profusely for bringing to his attention this vital information. He offers to take them on as freelance troubleshooters for his office, as well as several letters of introduction to merchants and persons of interest in the city. Since they had no particular place to go a the moment, the group decides to stay. Among the letters is one addressed to Grandmaster of the 5th Circle, High Archwizard of Æthereal Magic, 7th Seer of Rundistere, Keeper of the Orb of Drananth, Camaelian Sage, and Protector of the Realm of RiverMoon, Master of the Tower Weyland Thorne. Master Thorne is intrigued by the tale of Ish, and agrees to seek a way to send him home in exchange for a chance to study the odd magical phenomenon of his abrupt and seemingly random flitting between places and worlds. After some research and study, Master Thorne comes to the conclusion that Ish has been affected by a miscast teleportation ritual, and that with further study, he and his associates should be able to determine the point of origin of the ritual, and send him home.

Soon, the group discover that a party is being held in the noble district, and decide that attendance would both help them to gain some knowledge of their new (if temporary) home, as well as allow them to enjoy themselves and relax after the stress of travels and battles. A few contacts are made, and the arrival of an “elven princess,” (for so they decide Elastria must be) causes quite the stir among the well-to-do.

The next morning, however, they learn that in the night, the Tent City had been attacked and several people are dead. Investigation uncovers that the attackers were recently dead. Someone or something is raising the dead in RiverMoon and sending them to attack the refugees…


oh come on, i’m not that fragile… okay, well maybe i am, but still!

Two worlds

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