The Witch-Doctor Falls

We get by with a little help from our friends

It’s an odd thing to encounter a random stranger in the middle of a dungeon crawl, let alone two. Two unrelated, in point of fact. Still, one can’t afford to turn away help in this business. When Skaros, the teifling wizard showed up – seeking ancient knowledge, he claimed – he quickly joined the fight, using magic to dispose of goblins with a word. He and Memoria hit it off immediately. Blood is thicker than water, they say, and this goes double for the diabolic bloodline they share, it seems. When the other, Ish, appeared from nowhere, confused and lost, it seemed to stretch the meaning of the word “coincidence.” A mishap with a teleport ritual or somesuch sent him/her/it careening through space, to randomly land inside a cave complex inhabited with goblin bandits just a group of intrepid heroes closed on the ringleaders. The changeling sorcerer joined up in exchange for help finding his way (guessing that the goblins were far less likely to be of aid).

The added magical might of the two newcomers, combined with Memoria’s mastery of fire, turned out to be just what was needed to eliminate the remainder of the goblins. Among the loot were found a few more pearls, causing a few of the adventurers to wonder from where they came, as the goblins had been raiding dwarven barges from the mountains. Along with a magical shield and wand (“If I stick around, will I be able to have some of these magical items as well?” Ish asks), the group finds a map showing the city of RiverMoon and the River Alahn and a note written in a language they do not understand.

Bringing these back to the city, the Gate Captain immediately not only lets them enter, but suggest they bring these materials immediately to the magistrate. Upon hearing of the map, he listens eagerly to their tale and agrees that there is likely a traitor in the city. Declaring he needs to consider this information, he procures for the group a room at a local inn on the hill, and requests them to return the following day.



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