so after the whole “little tali” incident I’ve been needing to relax a little, figured I’d search out the local park see how interesting it is, and boy was it interesting, very well groomed, too well groomed, didn’t feel like a forest, but short of going outside the city walls it would do, I don’t think the locals approved of my relaxing in the park though… they act like they have never seen a Goliath shift into his primal form, I mean its only a willow tree after all, yes I can talk and move but its perfectly normal… with all the running around and yelling and such I would guess they thought I was some sort of giant creature out to eat them, that’s totally ridiculous, I’m Tree, I don’t eat people I defend, if you want to worry about people being eaten talk to my uncle, HIS primal form is a 6 ft tall black panther, and that I can see people running around screaming over, but a Tree? seriously? oh well here comes what looks like a group of people with some brains even if they are armed and armored, I should go talk to them to try to straiten out this situation, maybe I should switch out of primal form first….. naw, whats the worst that could happen??


sounds like i’m not the only one who can not be trusted out and about on my own with the humans :P

you should have brought “little tali” with you. that would have really had them running away!


but she mighta burnt my leaves!


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