Into the Wilds

And so their journey begins...

Their homes behind them, and adventure ahead, our heroes set out on the road to RiverMoon. Memoria, having made pacts with infernal creatures for magical might hoping to raise up her people once again to their once-mighty place in the world; Bereyl, priestess of Sehanine, on a quest to spread her faith to the unbelievers; “Tree,” the giant goliath, seeking an artifact to prove to his people that he is the one to lead them; and Elastria, running from the fate to which her family tries to bind her…

Along the wide Imperial highway, they encounter a small band of kobolds, obviously ambushing travelers. With some difficulty, the band dispatches them, discovering that the leader had been armed with a magical sword. That problem solved, they continue on their way.

Unfortunately, war is coming to the city, and the gates are closed to outsiders. Too many refugees seek shelter within already, and a band of foreigners passing through with a cart of weapons is too suspicious to let pass. The gate captain, however, believes their tale, and gives them an opportunity to prove their value – a band of goblins has been raiding barges along the river with uncanny timing. If they can find these goblins, end the raids, kill their with-doctor leader, and discover how they time the attacks so well, they will be welcomed as allies and indeed heroes.

A short hike upriver, and Elastria, a skilled ranger, spots a trail leading uphill. Not made by animals, it must be these raiders. The trail leads to a cave in the hills some few miles above the river, hidden among the trees. Around the mouth of the cave, several goblins squabble and argue among themselves. The group decides quickly that these must be guards, and that they must be eliminated. A short, but pitched battle follows, and the goblins which try to flee are cut down before they can even call for help.

After disposing of the bodies, the group decides to make camp a few miles away and return with the dawn… perhaps fear will rattle the goblins and weaken their morale. Tree covers their trail while Elastria finds them a secure camp. The night passes without incident, and returning to the cave in the morning, at first the site seems abandoned.

Further investigation, however, reveals that goblins lie in wait within. Tree tosses in a sun-rod to light the way, and the goblins charge… and die. This time, however, some manage to flee. This will not end well, for now the rest of the raiders are on alert… Indeed, within the caves, an ambush awaits… several goblins with javelins and crossbows nearly bring down the goliath and the eladrin ranger, and only the timely intervention of priestly healing keeps Tree alive. While each member of the team earns their share of the treasure in the fight, more surely awaits deeper in the cave.

How many raiders remain, they do not know, but for certain the goblins know they are there and that there will be no mercy for them… and somewhere within awaits the witch-doctor.

Note: This is a very short recap of the first two sessions. Sorry, it’s been a busy coupe of weeks for me, and when the choic is between writing the adventure log or preparing for the game, I chose the latter. In the future, these should be more detailed and generally awesomer. ;)



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