Enter the Catacombs

From whence come the undead?

Following the trail of the attacker on Tent City, the group arrives at the Necropolis across the River Alahn. Searching the area, they find an old mausoleum with a walled-off courtyard. Behind the wall, armed skeletons wander the grounds. Surely this must be the source of the attacks, they observe, just as Ish vanishes from sight. The timing is impeccable, as usual.

Tree boosts Retaliation to the top of the wall in preparation for an assault (her magical amulet would allow her to jump down to safety without risk) when an incredulous cry of “Memoria!?” rings across the graveyard. Her brother Ultio seems to have been investigating (not grave-robbing, I can tell you that much) the same area. Not one to allow his fragile sister to risk herself without his aid, he quickly agrees to help clear out the undead infestation. The skeletons put up quite a fight, but are unable to resist the team’s combined magic and blades, falling one by one until they are all returned to death.

Investigating the bodies, the group discovers that their equipment is not merely old, but is in fact, Ezurian in manufacture. Indeed, one was even wearing Ezurian artifact armor. The mausoleum is over 100 years old, but not old enough that to house Ezurian soldiers. Only looking inside could clarify the mystery.

Within, aside from a half-dozen easily put-down shambling corpses, are ten undisturbed sarcophogi and an altar to the old Ezurian god Murathoin. Bereyl immediately recognizes this as an archaic version of the modern god Moradin the Maker. Careful searching reveals that a lever behind the altar causes it to slide to the side, opening a tunnel leading down into the ancient Ezurian Catacombs. Steeling their nerves for what may come, they proceed into the darkness…



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