Down into the dark

Taking the fight to the foe

Descending into the darkness of the Catacombs, the party prepares themselves for battle. After facing zombies and skeletons above, they prepare themselves to face more of the walking dead. The Catacombs are old and the weight of hundreds of years of death sits heavy on the air. The thick, humid air is filled with heady scent of death, and the darkness presses them like a physical object.

Striking a sunrod, Tree leads the way into the depths. The light will alert anything in the tunnels to their presence, but without light, they’ll be helpless to monsters in the dark. Throngs of the shambling dead shuffle slowly through the halls to be cut down by the intrepid band. Elastria is bodily pulled into a swarm of the animated corpses, but Ultio creates her an opening while the other quickly cull the herd.

Steel and spell flash in the darkness, and the dead are returned to their slumber… until they meet again the skeletal remains of Ezurian soldiers. Stalwart soldiers with swords and shields hold the adventurers in a doorway while a dozen archers pelt them from afar. A bend in the tunnel prevents the group from bringing the full might of spells against their foes and the solid armor of the dead protects from the blows of the living. Slowly they push into the room, only to be crowded into a back corner by the resolute soldiers of the long dead Empire. Determined, the team steels their nerves and presses forward. Elli calls upon the magic of her Fey heritage and steps between worlds, appearing behind the enemy lines.

It is the opening they need. Forced to deal with the ranger in close combat, the archers drop their bows and fight hand-to-hand. Relieved of the pressure of the hail of arrows, Tree and Bereyl seize the initiative and push the dead soldiers backwards. The twins, Memoria and Ultio tandem an arcane combo into the first of the heavy foot soldiers, who crumbles to dust. Tree quickly follows suit, his axe crunching through the skull of the other. The tide has turned, and soon the rest are returned to death.

Ultio wrenches free an arrow from his flesh. “Well, let’s see what else is down here…”



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