Catacombs finale

What else is down here

Returning to their search of the Catacombs, the group wanders through the maze of tunnels beneath the Necropolis.Eventually, they encounter something they have no previously seen down here: a door. “Maybe we should take some time to prepare…”Skaros begins, but Tree isn’t having any of it.

“No time like the present!” The door crashes into the room, knocking a skeleton against the wall.

“You will not disrupt my plans, fools!” hisses a shrouded apparition as it vanishes from sight, and the walking dead press the attack, skeletons and zombies crowding into the doorway, eager to add the living to their ranks.

Tree stands fast, his massive frame growing larger and filling the doorway as he takes the primal form of the Willow Sentinel, holding the animated corpses at bay, shrugging off the grasping claws of the undead horrors. Arrows and spells fly past him as the monsters crash against him like the sea.Tho-Kag “Treewatcher” Gathakinathi stands steady as a mountain before the onslaught, preventing any from harming his companions… or so he thinks.

“Behin-” the shout of warning is cut off suddenly as a ghostly shriek fills the corridor behind them. A powerful mental barrage throws Memoria, Ultio, and Bereyl from their feet, pain searing in their brains. The spectre is among them, behind Tree’s guard. “All together now!” shouts Ultio, “as a team!” The magic of the bard’s words hums around the group, guiding their efforts, each success bolstering the next as they rain their most powerful attacks upon the head of the monster in their midst. With a scream of anguish, it vanishes from the material world leaving only whispered words of doom drifting through their minds: “My master will raise me anew… just as he shall raise you…”

Among the possessions of the dead, they find a scroll, written in Ezurian. A ritual performed back in town by Bereyl reveals its meaning:

“All is going according to plan. Continue your diversionary attacks upon the town and by the time they learn what is happening, my army will be raised and on its way to the city. The fools have walked right into our hands.”

Magistrate Schmiff, upon hearing of this, declares that he has no choice but to hire the team to discover the meaning of this, find the army, and discover its location and disposition as soon as possible. And so our heroes set out once again, tracing the path of the walking dead…


thats right, tree is all about the sparta door kicking

Catacombs finale

stupid bastard wraith showing up behind tree’s guard! i mean really, the indecency. i have a bodyguard for a reason!

Catacombs finale

Tree would be a good pink-mohawk style ShadowRun character… three hours worth of planning, then you kick in the door and waste every living thing that moves.

Catacombs finale

and the back up plan is always “kill everything”

Catacombs finale

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